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                                You can make a difference!

How would you like the opportunity to help your neighbor when she/he is having the worst day of their life?  That is exactly what your local ambulance service is doing and we need your help to continue our mission.  

What do we do and how is it done?  We are dispatched to emergency calls on a 24 hr., 7 days a week basis.  As such, we sign up for shifts and a volunteer is required to sign up for a minimum of 24 hours per month, however most sign up for considerably more. A driver must undergo a driving record check, a criminal record screen, take 2 short Incident Command on-line courses, be versed in helicopter landing zone operations and must complete a course in professional CPR. In addition, drivers training of our ambulances is administered by one of our members. This process takes approximately 3 weeks.  
The responsibilities of an EMT are large. You will be called on to make life and death decisions at a medical or trauma scene and to commit additional resources such as Advanced Life Support Paramedics and Flight Nurses via helicopter, other ground ambulances, or rescue/extrication platforms to the scene. However, we are well trained to rise to the occasion. An EMT is required to take formal course work and pass a National cognitive and practical exam administered under the auspices of the Idaho State EMS Bureau.  This process can take from 3 weeks to 4 months or more depending on the frequency of instruction. Often the EMT course is instructed by a local EMT. All volunteers are eager to assist EMT candidates throughout the process and on-scene training is administered until the new EMT is comfortable with running alone.   

Ambulances are dispatched with at least one EMT and a driver.  

Currently EBCAD is in need of both EMTs and ambulance drivers.  Typically our volunteers initially join an EBCAD unit as a driver; this affords the new volunteer the opportunity to determine whether Emergency Medical Services is the kind of volunteer work they want to be involved in.  If you are truly interested in making a big difference in your community and if you have the time, we need you.  Applications can be acquired through the EBCAD office by either calling 208-392-6644 or via e-mail personnel@ebcad.org.